Pine Marten.jpg  £200 Not Framed
Snow Leopard Pastel £250 Not Framed
Squirrel Card.jpg
Owl Pastel £295 Frame
Squirrel Nutkin Framed 880 x 700cm £395 Framed
Stag Card.jpg
Young Doe Deer Reduced.jpg
Steppevos Whie FoxImage size 390 x 285cm Pastel Photo Ref David Stribbling Price £450.00 includes a frame
Owl No 2 Pastel 40 x 28cm  Photo Ref David Stribbling
Monkey Time Pastel £200 Framed
Avalable as prints
Partof the Cock & Bull
Part of th Cock & Bull
Autumn Sold.jpg
Swamp Sparrow 19.68cm x 22.86cm watercolour  £75.00
Puffin in flight image size 40 x 31cm price £250  Framed.